Rentokil Initial South Africa

Rentokil Initial operates in South Africa under the brands Rentokil, Initial, and Ambius. We provide pest control, hygiene and interior landscaping services throughout the country. We’re focussed on providing our customers with responsive, reliable and good value support services. 

Our parent company - Rentokil Initial plc - is one of the largest business services companies in the world with 79,000 employees in over forty countries. The Company provides a range of support services globally where our brands represent consistent quality of service.


Rentokil Pest Control

Rentokil has been offering professional, reliable and effective pest control services in South Africa since 1967. With Rentokil, you can rest assured that your premises are protected by the experts.

Our pest control technicians are equipped with extensive knowledge in pest treatment techniques that ensure the safety of both your family and business.


3 Brand- Initial Image

Initial is the leading hygiene solutions brand you can depend on to deliver efficient and expert hygiene services and products to businesses of all kinds.

We supply hand washing and drying solutions, sanitary bins and feminine waste dispopsal, air care solutions, floor mats and a range of other advanced hygiene services to minimise the risk of bacterial cross contamination.


Ambius Indoor Plants

Ambius is the world’s largest interior landscaping company with businesses in 18 countries. We are the experts in installing and servicing indoor plant displays for all types of environments in South Africa.

Indoor plants and containers from Ambius will not only make your interiors look more beautiful, but will also improve productivity. Interior plants remove airborne dust and thus reduce workers allergies and fatigue.